Friday, June 27, 2014

SPF's // The lowdown

Hello again,

I am going on holiday with my friends soon to Faliraki, I am super excited and sun worshiper to sun worshiper I thought I would share with you what SPF's I have chosen to take with me. I will openly admit that being tanned is one of by favourite things ever and when I am on holiday I am practically glued to a sunbed (not even ashamed). In previous years I probably haven't taken the best care of my skin on holiday, never burning or anything but not choosing the sun tan lotions best suited to my skin. Now I am older and wiser and feel that I should make the effort to take better care of my skin.

I have always suffered with prickly heat every summer holiday for as long as I can remember. It is irritating itchy and quite frankly embarrassing and I have made it my mission to prevent this from happening again. I have read up about it and decided that an allergy sun tan cream would probably be my best bet as one of the causes of prickly heat is your skin reacting with your sun tan lotion. I have chosen a completely fragrance free one by Uvistat. This stuff is usually about £15 a bottle in places like Boots but I found it in savers for just £2.99!!!! (insane, I know).

For my face I have chosen the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream as this is sort of like a tinted moisturiser with an SPF 20 in. I thought this would be great as it would give a little bit of coverage which is much needed with the way my skin is looking right now.

I have also been cheeky and bought a Malibu dry oil spray which is only for my legs as they never suffer irritation just to top up my tan for the last few days (naughty I know but I couldn't resist).

Then for after the sun has gone down I have chosen the Piz Buin tan intensifier after sun. As you can imagine after seeing the words tan instensifying, it was immediately thrown in the basket. This stuff has some special ingredient which is meant to speed up the pigments which tan to make you browner quicker, sounds fabulous right? I am really excited to try this and I am really hoping it works.

Let me know if you are going on holiday anywhere! Also if you suffer prickly heat like me and have found a solution please let me know, I would really appreciate it!

I will let you know whether the fragrance free lotion does the trick or not and obviously how my holiday goes, although I am certain it will be fabulous!

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  1. This was really interesting, I'm going on holiday in August but I'm so clueless about SPF ect! I really think I might try that Garnier Miracle cream it sounds perfect:)


    1. thankyou! glad it was of use to you. I will let you know how I get on with the garnier miracle cream :)