Monday, June 16, 2014

What I got for my Birthday

Hello Everyone,

On 5th June I entered into true adulthood turning the grand old age of 20. I had a really wonderful day and I have been utterly spoilt and I thought it might be fun to show you some of the wonderful presents I received from all the wonderful people in my life.

My main present from my parents was a new camera. Now that I have been blogging a while and know I am in this for the long haul I thought investing in a new camera would be a really great idea. I got the Nikon 1 J2, which is actually a discontinued camera as the J4 is coming out soon but we managed to find one on amazon. I love this thing! I am no photographer but this takes lovely pictures, it is easy to use and is basically everything I wanted, so I am ecstatic about this. From my parents I also got tickets to go see the Lion King at the theatre, I love the theatre so I am extremely excited to go and see this. I also got the bikini which you can see in the image above, I think this is absolutely adorable! and also the leaf print crop top which is a really beautiful shape. I also got a beautiful pandora ring from them. I now have three pandora rings, which I like to stack on each other.

From my boyfriend I got the clothes which you can see above (which I chose), some MAC vouchers, a teddy and he took me to Thorpe Park for the day on my birthday. This was a super fun day as I am an adrenaline junkie and I just absolutely love rollercoasters.

Two of my best friends bought me the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which is absolutely stunning! I had been lusting after this for so long and boy oh boy is this gorgeous. One of my other best friends, Maquillage Magic, bought me a wax burner and some Yankee candle wax tarts as I am a candle addict and I just think that wax burners are a genius idea, they last so much longer than an average candle. I am currently burning Margarita lime, which is so zesty and summery. She also got me a bath bomb which smells incredible and I am saving that for a pamper evening. Another of my friends bought me this adorable star necklace from Estella Bartlett, this was such a sweet and thoughtful present and I haven't taken it off since.

From my other family and friends I mainly got vouchers and money which I am very much looking forward to spending. I am so grateful for all of the incredible presents I received and for these wonderful people in my life. I had such a lovely birthday and now I can start to get excited for my 21st!

Until next time,


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