Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Fashion Favourites

Hello All,

Winter is easily my favourite time of year for fashion. It means layers, layers and more layers; whats not to love?! I have chosen my favourite items of clothing, these are the ones which I turn to on a regular basis and couldn't live without. 

The Coat

I am most definitely a coat person, if that is a real thing. I have a bit of a love affair with my coat collection. The newest edition to the family has been this b-e-a-utiful pink boyfriend style coat. The Topshop pink coat is the one that had my heart however I couldn't bring myself to spend £89, so when I found this little beauty from New Look at £55, I couldn't snatch it up quick enough. I am not particularly girly but there is just something about the pink coat trend that I love and since purchasing it, I have barely taken it off.  

The Jumper

When I saw these jumpers I couldn't just pick up one. At just £10 each from Primark, I'm surprised I didn't pick up every colour they sold! These cropped jumpers have a beautiful high neck and fit wonderfully. They are fluffy/mohair material which is super soft and has been a must have trend for winter.

The Top

This was a very lovely christmas present from my boyfriend, which he chose himself (impressive eh?). It's from Urban Outfitters (my favourite shop) and it is a beautiful print. It is a really lovely fit and so easy to wear, it can be teamed with a pair of jeans or looks really lovely under a jumper as the collar is a cute peter pan style. I think this shirt is around £45, the price of most of their shirts, which is pricey but they are amazing quality and will be worn endlessly. I think this shirt is absolutely amazing and I have worn it a lot already.

The Dress

I got this dress from Miss Selfridge a little while back when they had 30% off so I think it was under £30, although I have worn it so much I would have paid more. It has a sheer white t-shirt under a strappy black silky swing dress. They are separates which means you could wear the dress alone or team it with something else, which I think is fab. This is so simple this makes it so wearable and versatile and will be lovely in the summer also. 

The Skirt 

I am completely on board with the tartan trend this winter. This skirt is a beautiful a-line shape with small little splits at the front. I love the colours of this and feel it is more wearable than red tartan. It's just £17.99 from New Look which I think is an absolute bargain. I bought this in a size 10, it fits but I would say it comes up a little smaller than expected.

The Trousers 

These trousers...ow wow. They are well and truly the best things to ever join my wardrobe. I tried them on and loved them so so much!! They are £35 from River Island, which is quite expensive seeing as they aren't exactly something I can wear day to day but I am so glad to have them in my wardrobe and I knew I would have regretted it if I didn't buy them. The trousers also come with this belt which I surprisingly actually really like, I usually hate belts that come clothes. 
The Shoes 

I'm not sure these boots have left my feet since I got them. I really really really wanted a pair of Vegabonds but at £90 a pop, I was reluctant. I found these dupes in River Island for £38 and couldn't snatch them up them quick enough. They are the comfiest shoes of all time, I wear these babies all day and even with the heel they remain comfortable. I love the heel as it makes me a normal height (bit of a short arse really). I literally can't get enough of these boots and will wear them until they have holes in.

The Bag

This adorable leather backpack from New Look hasn't left my side since I got it. It has 3 zip compartments which provides enough space for me to keep all of my crap (I like to plan for every eventuality). This bag is simple and will go with any and every outfit. I have nothing bad to say about it and at £17.99, I think this is an absolute bargain.

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