Monday, January 13, 2014

Make-up haul

Hello all,

I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my recent beauty purchases. So lets skip the intro and get cracking.  

I have been on the hunt for a new primer for quite some time and I had heard good things about the smashbox primers; they do several different primers to serve different purposes. I chose the "colour correcting adjust" photo finish primer.

As you can see this primer is green (yes green), and the purpose of this is to counter-act any redness. I have been using this primer for a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it. It has a velvety smooth feel and glides over the skin effortlessly. I wouldn't say its amazingly effective at counter-acting redness but its still a really lovely product. It costs £25 which is on the pricier side and I have tried the benefit pore-fessional and for a similar price, I would have to say I prefer it.

Secondly I got this little beauty. This was actually the present in my cracker for Christmas, significantly better than the average paperclip or pack of cards!!! This is the shade, "flat out fabulous" and I absolutely adore it!!! MAC lipsticks are absolutely amazing and have fantastic staying power. I highly recommend them, this one is matte and I really like the effect it gives.

 Real Technique brushes are my absolute favourite brushes and I am starting to build quite the collection. This is the blush brush (apologies that it's dirty). I bought this brush as I started using my real techniques buffing brush for bronzer and then had no decent brush for my foundation, it was quite the predicament. Now I use this for my bronzer along with the real techniques contour brush. This is good for adding a natural looking glow and I really enjoy using it.


The most adorable name for a nail polish, I think I have ever heard.

I saw this and I just couldn't leave it on the shelf. Its a matte double ended nail polish. There is a black base and then a beautiful pastel orange end which is small for nail art. They have many different shades all of which have equally adorable school related names. It is very easy to use and gives you the chance to get a little creative.

Smashbox primer £25.00 -
MAC "flatout fabulous" lipstick £15.00 -
Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99 -
Revlon nail art chalkboard £7.99 -

Until next time,


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