Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Beauty Firsts - The Designer Lipstick!

OMG! I did it; I spent 27 euros on a lipstick making me an official crazy beauty addict.

I was in the airport, hungover and depressed to be going home from an amazing holiday with my friends when I eyed the YSL stand in duty free. Me and my friend Maquillage Magic were #feelingspendy and it happened, a YSL rouge volupte just fell into my hand. You know what the worst thing is? I'm not even sorry! I mean just look at it...

The packaging looks like it has been crafted by gods (too much? - probably) and it is just hands down the most B-E-A-UTIFUL beauty product I own. I am so pleased that I purchased this and that it is now in my life.

I will do a more in depth post on this product if you would like me to, so let me know.

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