Monday, July 21, 2014

Holiday Lipstick Picks

Hello All,

I have been on two holidays recently, lucky girl I know, and being a lipstick addict it is important to make the right choices of what lipsticks to pack as unfortunately we can't take them all (you feel my pain right?) 

I wanted to cover all bases with my lipstick choices so I chose a red, pink, orange and nude.

MAC - shy girl 

An obvious choice really as this is my perfect nude lipstick, I literally love this stuff. Only thing I did find was that it didn't look as great with a tan as I had hoped, my face ended up being browner than my lips which was a bit odd but I still love this none the less. 

Revolt matte balm - shade 205

This is such an adorable pink and looks fab with a tan, I actually wore this most nights while I was there as it matches with everything and really brightens up the face. 

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick - shade 12

This is an absolutely gorgeous orange shade and one that has been in my stash for quite a while now but I have recently fallen back in love with this. This is such a nice bright and a good formula, I liked wearing this with a fairly simple outfit. 

Bourjois rouge edition velvet - hot pepper 

Is it too bold a statement to say this is my perfect red? This is such a nice orange toned red and the formula is just incredible but I have raved enough about this in the past so I wi go on too much. However for a holiday lipstick I think this is great, it will obviously look fab with a tan and it's such a stand out colour it speaks for itself. 

So here wear the lipsticks I chose for my holidays, what ones would you pick for your holiday? 

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  1. Kate Moss lippies are always amazing for the price!! this one is a gorgeous colour:)