Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Impressions // Rimmel Brow this Way

Hello All,

I bought this product the other day; 1. because it was on offer for just £2.99, 2. because it looked like a dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow, 3. because I was enabled by my friend Maquillage Magic as she had it in her basket so I needed it in mine.

I have been experimenting with my brows a little recently and trying to go them out a little too. I have been putting less product in them and trying to make them look more natural, as I usually would fill them in with Benefit's BrowZings.

I have used Brow this Way from Rimmel for 3 days now so I thought I give you my first impressions of it.

I must say I am highly impressed by this product! It adds enough colour to the brows to fill them in and add definition but still remaining natural. It is super duper quick and easy, like it takes under a minute. I was also surprised to find that it doesn't leave your eyebrows crusty, as being a gel type formula I really thought it would, but you seriously cannot for the product in there I was amazed!

There are a few tiny things about this that haven't blown me away however. Firstly the formula is quite wet so be careful when applying it as there is a risk of ending up with excess product above and below your brows. The other thing is the shades, I have the shade medium blonde which is perfect but medium blonde? really? I most certainly would not call my hair blonde. So be sure to check the shades rather than relying on the shade names.

Overall I think this product is amazing so far and I am really enjoying using it.

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  1. Wow £2.99?! I might give this a try because although I do love gimme brow it really doesn't last very long before it dries up, and for £17.50 that's just not good enough in my opinion:(