Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Marmite Shoe


Hey everyone, 

No I'm not discussing shoes made from marmite because that would be sticky and unconventional. The shoe in question is the Birkenstock.

I recently purchased a pair of the Arizona Birkenstocks and man do I love them.

I haven't had a chance to wear them for hours on end because of the wonderful British weather but Birkenstocks are famous for being comfy so I have no qualms about that.

Now I call this a Marmite shoe as the likelihood is you will love them or hate them and after seeing ThePersianBabe styling them I knew I had to own a pair. I think they are the epitome of granny chic.

They were £50, £45 with student discount which is expensive but will be something that last ages and will definitely get their fair share of use. 

I have tonnes of posts planned and my exams finish in a weeks time so after that I will be posting regularly, promise!! 

Catch up with me and twitter and Instagram, if you want to hear me moan about how hard my degree is. I'm totally selling it, right? Bet you are already on my twitter, I made it sound so appealing! 

Until next time guys, 


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