Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Battle of the liquid eyeliner

Hello All,

I don't know about you guys but liquid eyeliner is something I struggle with and I don't just mean applying it. Finding a liner that is truly black, has staying power and is easy to apply is a big ask. Like most people I don't tend to have more than one liner in my collection at a time but I have made the effort to stock up and test out a few different ones to hopefully make your lives easier if ever you are in the market for a new liner. 

L'oreal superliner ultra precision

I purchased this after reading some pretty fab reviews, but I cannot say I agree with them. For me this product appears to be empty from when you first purchase it. It is a real struggle to get a decent amount of product on the applicator and therefore isn't very black. Application wise it has a decent size nib thats neither too small or big. I personally have quite sensitive eyes which water a lot and therefore most eyeliners don't stay on too well, so it might just be me but this one doesn't stay on all that well, its not terrible it would probably last about half a day before disappearing.

Staying power: 3/5 
Ease of application: 3/5 
Colour pay-off: 2/5

Soap & Glory Supercat liner

This one is a felt tip liner which I personally find easier to apply, the shape of the tip just makes it easier to draw a precise line. The staying power of this one is quite good but again my sensitive eyes make it quite a challenge. The only thing I find is that it's not buildable so you can't go back over the cat flick as it will just rub it off - I don't know if this issue is universal or just me so if you guys have any tips let me know. This particular liner has been repurchased which is a sign that I do really like it. 

Staying power: 3/5 
Ease of application: 4/5 
Colour pay-off: 3/5

Collection waterproof fast stroke eyeliner

This liner is probably the blackest of all because it has a very wet formula, but this can also be a negative especially if you are a novice at the art of eyeliner; because it is wet, it smudges very easily before it completely dries *potential disaster*. The formula and the nib also means that a steady hand is an essential requirement if you ever want to have a straight line. Lastly, because it is waterproof you would assume the staying power would be good and overall it is - not amazing but not terrible.

Staying power: 3/5 
Ease of application: 2/5 
Colour pay-off: 4/5

Stila stay all day waterproof liner

Now this eyeliner is the most expensive of all of them and it does makes the pretty bold claim of - "stay all day", so my expectation was pretty high. I purchased this after seeing EssieButton rave about it. I must say that this one is most certainly my favourite of the lot, even though I have only had it about a month. It has a felt tip nib which are my preference so I find that this glides on really nicely. In terms of staying power this is excellent, I went on a night out recently wearing this and I woke up in the morning, having not removed my makeup (naughty I know), but the liner was still in perfect condition! I was shocked. In terms of colour it didn't wow me, but then again it would appear that I am very picky. It is good and more buildable than the Supercat liner but I just don't feel that felt tip liners are as black as actual liquid liners.

Staying power: 5/5 
Ease of application: 4/5 
Colour pay-off: 3/5

I hope this has helped you somewhat in deciding what liner is for you, in order to make that tough decision a little easier. Let me know if you are enjoying the "battle of" series so far and which battle you would like to see next.

Until next time,



  1. Oh I must try that Stila one!! I'm curently using supercat, but it gets a little faded throughout the day, I can't put liquid eyeliner on for sh*t haha!! :(



    1. I'm pretty terrible too so don't worry about it! The stila one is really good, quite similar to supercat but has far better lasting power!!


  2. I swear by collection 2000 - if you dont apply too much it drys so much quicker than just pulling straight up from the pot. I've also found that the non-waterproof doesnt budge at all - I work 10 hour days and my eyes are the exact same when i get home!


    1. Yeah I have had the non-waterproof one in the past and I did like it, it was the only one I used for years! I think I just have extremely sensitive eyes, I rub them without even thinking about it haa. Just not designed for cat flicks but I love them!