Thursday, March 27, 2014

Battle of the Mattes

Hello All,

Matte lips is one probably my favourite lip look and more and more brands are jumping on the band-wagon and bringing out their own products. So here is a sample of some of the ones available and ultimately to give you my opinion of which one is the cream of the crop.

As we all know MUA is very cheap and these matte lipsticks are no different at just £1 each they are an absolute steal. Although some MUA products are really great, I cannot say that about this. It is so dry and the colour pay off is pretty poor, I mean seriously look at the difference between my lips and the lipstick. Admittedly it is matte but it is literally so drying on the lips that it's just not worth it (sorry MUA for the brutal honesty).

I really like the Kate Moss lipsticks I think they are great quality for their price (around £6) and this is no exception. It has such a beautiful vibrant colour, called Kiss of Life, and it has really good staying power. It's quite matte in appearance but not as matte as some of the others, but its not at all drying and looks lovely.

This new release from Revlon has sent the blogosphere into overdrive and so typically I had to try it for myself, I chose the shade Elusive. I literally have nothing bad to say about this product. This is the only shade I have at the moment but I would happily purchase more. This particular colour is my perfect daytime colour, its matte yet moisturising and super easy to apply. Revlon yet again have nailed another lip product.

One of the products that MAC is notorious for is their matte lipsticks and that it because they are amazing. This is the shade Flat Out Fabulous and even though they are £15 a pop I would pay it time and time again. If you want to do matte lips and do it properly then look no further. They have an endless shade range and they have incredible staying power.

Clearly Revlon and MAC are the brands which stand out to me but there are so many on the market from so many different brands that the choice really is endless.

If you were going matte, what would you choose?

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